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Holiday in Barbados

What a lovely island Barbados is. Just get there and have a look!

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Wedding on Barbados

Once upon a time Tiger Woods had a great wedding fiesta on Barbados together with his friends such as Bill Gates. But also the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger always had some great holidays on one of the perhaps most developed Islands in the Caribbean.

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Wealthy Barbados

Wealthy Barbados

A successful government and many Islanders with a good heart have built their very own Caribbean paradise. But let's hear what the Bajans have to say.

Mojo Bar owner Mark and media producer Matthew Pilgrim did explain the potential and the bright side of Barbados alongside some funky pictures from Rockley Beach and Bathsheba.

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Tourism in Barbados

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This Video is dedicated to the feelings that tourists trigger at the local people, who live on Barbados.

True flavor orientated Barbados DJ Black Gzus, Painter Nicole and others explain, how the Bajans feel about visitors and what tourism means for them.

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A Bajan in New York

Bajan in New York

Interesting to hear what a Bajan in New York is saying about his home country.

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Turtle Funk & Barbados Wildlife

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is located a few miles out of Bridgetown from where it is easy to connect by buses, which are taking visitors straight to the gate up on Farley Hill to explore turtles, monkeys, peacocks and many other funky animals. Here's the photos and story.

Turtles and Monkeys
Watch the wildlife video and the The funky version

Sports in Barbados

Cricket, Golf, Football and Tennis are the most popular sports on Barbados besides all types of sports that are not related to water such as surfing, sailing, diving, snorkeling and so on.

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Welcome to Barbados

Barbados offers wonderful holiday and tour options. Read more

Barbados Beaches

photo from Rockley Beach Barbados The beaches on Barbados beaches are ranked among the best in the world and some great holidays are always guaranteed not only on Rockley Beach with the fine Accra Beach Resort.

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photo from Batsheeba BarbadosAlso Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger had liked Bathsheba a lot with it's legendary Bonito Restaurant, which offers a very delicious Breadfruit Pie.

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Bridgetown Barbados

Bridgetown is the charming capital of Barbados.

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