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Internet TV from Barbados

Watch our exclusive videos straight from the Island to learn more about life on wonderful Barbados.

Life on Rockley Beach

Rockley Beach Barbados

Meet Bajan Police Officer Troy Tudor and Dan the T-shirt man.

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photo Rockley Beach Lifeguards

Listen to the brave life guards from Rockley Beach.

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Tourism in Barbados

Tourism in Barbados

This Video is dedicated to the feelings that tourists trigger at the local people, who live on Barbados.

True flavor orientated Barbados DJ Black Gzus, Painter Nicole and Matthew Pilgrim explain, how the Bajans feel about visitors and what tourism means for them.

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Welcome to Oistins

Fried fish @ Oistins

Goin' out to the Oistins Fish kitchens and dances on a Friday night is always a great pleasure.

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The Turtle Funk

Turtles and Monkeys in Barbados

Watch some amazing turtles, monkeys, peacocks and other funky animals on Barbados.

Watch the wildlife video and the The funky version


Meet Roy Best

Superspade Barbados

Bajan drummer and singer Roy Best got known as Superspade

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Internet in Barbados

Barbados IT expert Devon Retemayer

Caribbean IT expert Devon Retemayer explained Internet developments in Barbados.

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A Bajan in New York

A Bajan in New York

Listen to a Bajan, who has been living in New York for more than 25 years.

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The real Barbados

Catch some Bajan street vibes from the dancehalls, the mini busses and the billiard cracks.

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Watch a music video with pictures from several beaches on Barbados combined with live Music from Reggae Singer Carl McDonald.

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Rockley beach photo next button

Rockley Beach Barbados

This so very relaxed bicycle rider seems to reflect the true vibe of the Bajan people on Barbados.


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Barbados Internet TV

Matthew Pilgrim interview

photo Matthew Pilgrim

Matthew Pilgrim shoots videos for top agency Soje/Lonsdale involving even Jamaican Reggae legend Beenie Man and here are his distinct views on developments in Barbados.

Media in the Caribbean

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Wealthy Barbados

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Politics in Barbados

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Interview with Mark @ Mojo

photo Mark @ Mojo

Mark from the great Mojo Pub talked about the Nightlife in Barbados.

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Interview with Andy Crick @ The Gap Bar

photo Andy Crick @ The Gap Bar

Gap bar owner Andy Crick likes Barbados a lot.

About the Gap Bar

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Comment on Barbados

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Interview with Raymond @ the Bonitos Restaurant

photo Raymond @ Bonito

Bonito Restaurant owner Raimond has created a very special venue in Bathsheba.

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Interview with Amanda @ Lavazza Restaurant

photo Bathsheba Barbados

See more pictures from Bathsheba alongside the interview from Amanda.

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Interview with Black Gzuz Carlyle

photo Black Gzuz Carlyle from Barbados

The Islands music activist had talked about the Bajan culture and many other concerns.

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