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Internet connections are good and affordable on Barbados, but not for professional standards as demanded by IT expert and Internet agency and cafe operator Devon Retemayer.

In his video interview he had talked about IT connections, web design and the great talents, which can be found all around the Caribbean Islands.

Internet in Barbados

Barbados IT expert Devon Retemayer

Caribbean IT expert Devon Retemayer explains Internet developments in Barbados.

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photo from Bathsheba in Barbados

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Barbados IT expert Devon Retemayer

Devon Retemayer likes it a lot on Barbados as he originally comes from Guyana, where economic growth is a bit slower and where the beaches are not as nice as on Barbados.


photo from a Barbados Internet cafe

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Internet Cafe in Barbados

That is the location of Devon Retemayer's Internet Cafe and agency which can be found not far from Bridgetown and close to Hastings and Rockley Beach.


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