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Animals in Barbados

The Wildlife Reserve inside the Farley Hill Park is providing a superb introduction to those animals, that are living in Barbados.

Some are big, some are nice and some are certainly not so nice like some scorpions, spiders and snakes.

But a lot of them are fun to watch.

Turtles, monkeys, deer and loads of other animals can be observed at the lovely Barbados Wildlife Reserve on Farley Hill.

The Barbados Wildlife videos

Turtles and Monkeys in Barbados

Watch some amazing turtles, monkeys, peacocks and other funky animals on Barbados.

Watch the wildlife video and the The funky version



photo Farley Hill Park in Barbados next button

Farley Hill Park in Barbados

The Barbados wildlife reserve up on Farley Hill can be reached easily by mini bus from Speightstown to where all public buses are connecting.

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Peacock @ Farley Hill Park

Such shiny Peacocks can make a wonderful noise when they shake their long feathers.


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